Our Music Department  

Elder Demieceo Benson - Music  Coordinator
At the young age of thirteen years old, I was blessed to have a talented Mother, Mrs. Yvonne Benson. My mother taught me to play the piano. A portion of my young years were lived in Bremerton, Washington. Also, as a young man I learned to love and appreciate gospel music. Because, of my Mother, I immediately took to and wanted to learn more about singing, composing and playing various key boards.
Sinclair Missionary Baptist Church in Bremerton, Washington allowed me to be their musician. I began playing the piano for their Sunday Services at the age of sixteen years old. I received “Salvation and was filled with the Holy Ghost”. Wonderful things began to happen to me. For example: While ministering in the state of Washington the North West Connection Community Choir, Pastor Robert L. Manaway, Sr. of the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church recognized my spiritual and ministry calling.

The Pastor suggested that I get my license so that I would become the back up Minister of the church. January 5, 1986, I had my official sermon and was ordained.

As an added accomplishment my first recording was with my Mother. And, today we are still singing and recording Praises to our Lord and Savior.

In 1986 I recorded and sung with the Washington State Mass Choir, the original song “Worthy”! Also, in that same year I started teaching gospel music at Holy Names Catholic Church. This is an all girls School Academy. I was fortunate to work under Pat Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir.

Now as I look back on my youth I can honestly say I was privilege and blessed. I became Minister of Music at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Anchorage, Alaska. The Ministry help me in many ways. I worked with people and had administrative duties in the church. This was a big part of my learning and gaining more insight that helped me to be come the person that I am today.

Working with six choirs, teaching, directing and learning how to play mostly all the church Hymns. My journey has been wonderful. Traveling from Washington, Alaska and now Nevada.

Moving on into what life had to offer me, while in Alaska I was the Minister of Music for New Antioch Church of God in Christ “COGIC”. As well as being the District Minister of Music for Alaska COGIC State for the Youth Choir.

In 2005 my father, Deacon Robert Lee Benson, passed away. My Mother, now Pastor Yvonne Benson, decided it was best that we moved back to Las Vegas, NV. Once we moved to Las Vegas, I started working for KCEP FM Radio 88.1 Station and GABA. I worked closely with Pastor Henry Black who is still with GABA and KCEP to this day. Second Baptist Church was another addition after returning to Las Vegas, NV. I became their Minister of Music.

Singing gospel music and speaking for different ministries throughout the Nevada area, such as: Power Center COGIC, Fountain of Hope AME, Vegas View COGIC, Friendship COGIC, Harvest of Faith Ministry COGIC and others. I plan to continue to help out in the community where needed.

Presently I’m a member of Kingdom Life Ministries COGIC under the leadership of Pastor Michael Gantz currently his Armor Bearer, Musician and Men’s Sunday School Teacher.

Being a member of GMWA has added an addition to my love for God and Gospel Music.I am the Minister of Music since 2014, under the leadership of Rev. Spencer B. White.